Alte Nationalgalerie

Alte Nationalgalerie

The Alte Nationalgalerie in Berlin houses the most important 19th-century art collections in Germany. This is one the favorite museum in Berlin.

The museum art collection includes masterpieces by Adolph Menzel Edouard, Caspar David Friedrich as well as Auguste Rodin and Auguste Renoir. It is a significant building of the neoclassical era. It showcases art culture of Romans, Etruscans, and Greeks.

The museum is among the five museums that make up the ensemble called Berlin Museum Island. It is also a world heritage site.

It was built within a period of one year from 1866 to 1867. It was restored by Friedrich August Stuler in neoclassical style like a Greek temple.

The art and sculptures collection of the gallery

The museum holds Romantic and Impressionist masterpieces with a world-class collection of Adolph Menzel. Works like the Lonely Tree by Caspar David Friedrich and Gothic Church By The Sea by Karl Friedrich Schinkel can be found in the museum. They are the museum's most significant suites from the 19th century.

Some works that survived the Nazi regime’s iconoclasm and devastation of war can be found at the museum as well. Another outstanding piece of art is the Blind Samson by Lovis Corinth. It is the attestation to the development of modernism and is an example of the painting that dominated the 19th century.

The museum owns about 1800 paintings as well as 1500 sculptures. Among the selection of sculptures include the famous Princesses Luise and Friederike by Johann Gottfried Schadow. This work is displayed on building’s first floor. Other 19th century sculptures can be found here as well.

The third floor contains 19th-century paintings. The highlights include Carl Blechen works and frescoes of the Nazarenes made for Casa Bartholdy.

The second floor has impressionist paintings as well as a gallery of German Roman paintings. The key works include some by Hans Von Marees as well as Adolf Von Hildebrand.

Alte Nationalgalerie of Berlin

The first floor is the sculpture hall and tourists are welcomed with a survey of European paintings which include works by Gustave Courbet, John Constable, and Barbizon school. The transverse end room is dedicated to Adolph Menzel. Most of his famous paintings are displayed, and some include the Balcony Room and the Iron Rolling Mill from the life of the great Frederick.

Other rooms on the east side have Anton Von Werner's paintings, and they exemplify the style favored by Wilhelm II.

Today, this museum has a historical collection which doesn’t expand unless under exceptional circumstances. An example of such is the recent acquisition of the Petition by Adolph Menzel. It serves we a perfect complement to the paintings from Frederick the great which has already been displayed.

Visit the Alte Nationalgalerie – Berlin

Visitors are allowed to join tours around the museum and are open all through the week except on Mondays.

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Alte National Gallery
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